Lost S03E08 – Flashes Before Your Eyes

Wer meine Linkliste verfolgt wird beobachtet haben, dass ich dort einen Link zu TV Squad hinzugefügt habe.

Die Seite ist ziemlich großartig, gibt sie mir doch die Gelegenheit, mit offensichtlich intelligenteren Menschen als den oftmals wirklich total vertrottelten Personen auf IMDb (bzw. den dortigen Foren) in Kontakt zu treten und über die von mir verfolgten Sendungen zu sprechen

Ich habe diese Woche meinem "Ärger" über Lost Luft gemacht. Ich bin nicht wirklich enttäuscht über die Serie, sie ist aber eindeutig von dieser gewissen Großartigkeit, die ihr von vielen Leuten im Netz angedichtet wird, weit entfernt. Ich habe jedenfalls mehr und mehr das Gefühl, dass ich etwas Unausgegorenes ansehe und im Netz dann Myriaden von Personen begegne, die viel mehr oder halt andere Sachen in ihrem Leben gelesen haben als ich und dann anfangen zu spekulieren, ob die ganzen "Ostereier" in den Folgen gewollt waren (naja sagen wir mal lieber sie sind sich sicher die Autoren sind Genies und die Ostereier das Tollste auf der Welt). Ich sehe vieles nicht und ehrlich gesagt habe ich nicht den Eindruck, dass Lost Kunst ist – es läuft immerhin auf einem Disney-Kanal, dem Kanel, auf dem auch Desperate Housewives und Grey’s Anatomy laufen. Tut mir ja leid aber… ich kann’s einfach nicht glauben. Lost kann nicht so gut sein wie Twin Peaks. Dafür läuft es einfach schon zu lang und ist zu sehr auf den Mainstream ausgerichtet. Vielleicht trügt mich ja auch mein Eindruck aber ich bin ernsthaft der Ansicht, dass Flashes Before Your Eyes nicht der Geniestreich ist, zu dem es von einigen Leuten im Internet gemacht wird. Wenn man schon Donnie Darko als Referenz nimmt oder wenn Fans die Großartigkeit dieses Films auf Lost übertragen wollen, dann muss die Folge nachfolgend auch mit diesem Film verglichen werden können und da stinkt Folge 8 von Staffel 3 einfach für meinen Geschmack ab.

Mein Nick auf TV Squad ist Bash. Das Posting findet sich hier, dort kann man auch die Besprechung der Folge der TV Squad nachlesen und meine Meinung in den richtigen Kontext setzen (Spoilerwarnung: wer lieber auf die Ausstrahlung in Deutschland warten möchte sollte dort nicht hingehen)

Der Inhalt meines Postings:

First of all if anyone else is going to mention "Namaste" I am going to seriously start yelling. Also it more and more seems to me that 50% of all the viewers of LOST are in some sort of animated "Where’s Waldo" game trying to find easter-eggs. Easter might be funny, but 18 hours of running around hunting eggs – sorry, for me that seems kind of boring.

I have to admit I was kind of bored by yesterdays episode. It was either too long or too short. While the first few episodes, and generally for me all good episodes, felt like Cinema on TV, great storyarchs, questions that were posed to be answered later (after lots and lots of character studies), this episode was cut short. The dilemma behind it all was explained within a two to three minute period with the medium. The inavetability of his fate were made clear to desmond, but he never really tried. He said "duck" and got hit in the face with the cricket-bat – big deal. So what? Where are the life-shaking moments where he finds out that he cannot change fate? For that, we should’ve been shown how the bartender got his head cracked in, or how other decisions did not change him and his girlfriend from ending up seperated. Suddenly he get’s pushed back to right after the implosion (which I still don’t get because if something implodes… whatever, he’s alive, everything else is bent – I don’t really want to go on the internet and read fifteen page-long articles how that could’ve happened and I think the basic idea of an implosion is to implode while destructing, not just pull clothes of – I guess he must’ve worn magnetic clothes… grr… whatever).

Now he fights for Charlies life. Why? Why does he do that? I found it to be totally unimportant. People die on that island all the time, why is Charlie in any way special? And why on earth would Desmond NOW be fighting for the life of some random person he met but NOT for staying together with his girlfriend? His reaction to the photo was totally idiotic. He thought he wasn’t worth anything but he already had the memories of his army experience, him losing her, his sailing around the world, the three years of punching numbers and everything in his head. Why didn’t he fight if she was so important to him? Why? He almost instantly turned around and told her to leave him. They at least could’ve shown him remember something like Locke saying "You were right, I was wrong". Some random person tells him he needs to turn the key – but why? Was it shown that the universe will end in 22 days? NO IT WASN’T. We as an audience were not told that his actions mean something. Before he felt that punching the numbers into the computer was his fate – now he is told turning the key was/is. What tells us that in another fifteen episodes he won’t be told that "You know, actually the key wasn’t, this is" (whatever it might be). None of this is shown anywhere on LOST.

Donny Darko showed us that if Donnie wouldn’t have accepted his destiny, the whole Universe might have ceased to exist (We were shown how many days were left). Donny understood and reacted altruistic and therefor ended up being a hero, unrememered, unthanked. Desmond was just told he was supposed to turn that key – or what? He wasn’t faced with his girlfriend getting killed over it or anything. He wasn’t told "The universe will vanish if you don’t turn the key". This would’ve been a good episode IF all this missing would’ve been put in. There are key parts missing, and I simply cannot accept that "The authors obviously meant to tell us…".

For me, those *beep*ing easter eggs don’t compensate for the lack of good writing. And maybe I am wrong but IF turning the key was what his destiny was – now that he did, shouldn’t it habe been more clear that he must now feel REALLY lost because he served his purpose AND that he obviously is now really f*cking with destiny and the universe’s idea of what’s supposed to happen? Is that another QUESTION? Should I expect desmond to get whacked by something just as he was whacked by the cricket-bat sometime soon for saving Charlie? Why does he do it? Why? The actor did not show us any reason for doing it. He did not say anything like "I have to, understand?" or "Now I can finally do something – I did what I was supposed to do, now I can really get f’ing crazy on the Universe’s a** because, DUDE I did what what I had to now I can get back on the Univers playing with me, bitch". He doesn’t have to. That’s a BIG problem for me.

I am one of those viewers too who stopped wondering about the questions because if I still did I would’ve stopped watching a year ago. I also don’t care for the easter eggs. I want to be told a story and I especially don’t want to have to be handed a puzzle every week with some bland pieces placed on the table by the authors for me.

Going online, listening to the podcast and messageboards for me to find out "ooooh, that really WAS a good episode, I just couldn’t see it under all that boring boring boring parts and if I really try looking then in the end this will be the bestest puzzle I ever put together, even though it just looks cheap at the moment".

Yes, they are all great ideas, there are a lot of references but I feel like this is such a big mosaic, a collage of pieces of great art and it doens’t look that interesting (anymore). Sorry. I’d rather look at the Mona Lisa for five minutes than having a collage with her nose in it together with the mouth from "The scream", Michelangelo’s David’s penis and buttcheeks as well as the 4th, 8th and 15th page of Stephen King’s "Christine" put through a shredder garnishing it (HA! Easter egg! I just made reading this whole post worthwhile. Or did I?).

The episode just wasn’t that compelling. I found Desmond’s decisions to be stupid and those of a coward in the past. Joining the army, screwing up there, sailing around the world to in the end prove NOTHING whatsoever – sorry, for me he was a loser and now all of a sudden we are told this all was for a good reason? I think the author’s actually showed us that while this was a good explenation for his bad choices they also think he NOW needs to do something cool/good to actually make that thing interesting. If this all really WAS so great, so "destiny here I come" then turning the key would’ve ENDED Desmonds story. He would’ve been killed. End of story. He can’t be Donny and do what he’s supposed to AND do what Donny wasn’t supposed to (live after the night he didn’t die) right afterwards. I honestly feel like the LOST author’s didn’t quite understand the idea behind all of this . I am really getting angry about this. And they either deliver a really REALLY good explenation for all of this really really soon. I stopped watching "The 4400" at the beginning of season three because of this feeling and Lost is really on the edge for me now.

Referencing great works all day long don’t make your own work great too. At a certain point you just look like a plagiarist.

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